Female doctors who broke the glass ceiling

Female doctors who broke the glass ceiling

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Women in medicine have been battling a long time to achieve equality in all areas of life - see these 6 female doctors who broke the glass ceiling during their time.
15 Sep 2016 - General
Cool post. Women had been breaking barriers when it comes to stereotyping genders into medical specialties. Such as males become surgeons while females become obgynes or internists. A lot of woman today take up surgery, orthopedics even and other mal...
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It is very inspiring to read about how these women made a mark in history. I particularly Dr. Ogino Gingko's story where she decided to become Japan's first female doctor because women tended to avoid treatment due to social stigma. Then the...
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Living in the modern era, it's difficult to imagine that around 100 years ago there were no licensed female doctors in Asia. It's interesting to see the lengths at which some of these women had to go through in order to overcome social and pr...
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