New Star-Shaped Polymers May Spell End For Antibiotics

New Star-Shaped Polymers May Spell End For Antibiotics

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Scientists claim to have developed tiny, star-shaped molecules which may effectively wipe out deadly bacteria that can no longer be killed by current antibiotics. The study holds promise for a new treatment method against antibiotic-resistant
15 Sep 2016 - General
Reseachers and technology are really contributing a huge impact on the development of our health care facilities and drugs. Having this effective treatment for infections will surely provide fast recovery and treatment for antibiotic resistance patients. 3 months ago, my aunt was taking 2 types of antibiotic for her pnuemonia. After completing her dose, she was relieved and she is already ok. But after a month, (to make the story short) she was again diagnose of having pnuemonia and was advised ...
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That’s great news indeed! Finally, we will have more effective treatment for infections especially for the mutated bacteria that protect themselves by developing antibiotic resistance. In such cases, antibiotic treatment fails, therefore, scientists are developing star shape tiny molecules of peptide polymers having 16 or 32 arms. Such type of polymer peptides will effectively wipe out superbugs (mutated bacteria developed through antibiotic resistance). Superbugs are responsible for millions of...
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