Using the immune system to fight cancer: an interview with Dr Charles Akle

Using the immune system to fight cancer: an interview with Dr Charles Akle

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We all produce as many as 100,000 different types of cancer cells every day, which are recognized and eliminated by our extraordinarily efficient immune system. However, if something goes wrong with the immune system, and it no longer gets rid of these cells, then that’s when cancerous cells grow and become a problem.
15 Sep 2016 - General
Fighting cancer cells with external factors such as chemotherapeutic agents and radiotherapy has always stumbled upon limitations. The ability for these treatment modalities to target the cancer cells specifically and spare normal somatic cells is very limited, so often they cause more side effects than it does benefit to the patient. So in the past few decades scientists have focused their attention on getting the patients own immune mechanisms to fight off malignant cells in the body, because ...
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As we all know that cancer is an irreversible complication of the body that mostly arises due to deficit immune system. We all are producing a huge variety of cancer cells on the daily basis but these are detected by our efficient immune system and removed. When our immune system is not strong enough to kick off cancerous cells then it results in unlimited cancer cell production either the formation of a benign tumor or malignant carcinoma. So now researchers are working to help out the immune s...
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