AN antibiotic gel for ear infections in children.

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15 Sep 2016 - General

Ear infections are very common in children. 95% of the children are getting ear infections at least once in the childhood. Antibiotics are widely prescribed by the general practitioners as the treatment for otitis externa and otitis media. Every drug has side effects which will address other systems of the child. For the ear infections, high doses of antibiotics should be administered. Oral thrush, rashes and diarrhoea are the common side effects developed by them. So some of the researchers from Boston Children's Hospital have developed an antibiotic gel which can be squirted into the ear and the canal and has a local action hence reduce the possibility of having side effects.

I agree with Kathleen Peralta. Once children knows that their medications taste bad some will automatically have tantrums. Like telling you not to let them drink the med. Good to hear that theres gel antibiotic. But is it not difficult to administer this medication since it is gel? I think it is much easier if it is liquid that can be drop. Dc. Rajinda Asalage, I have another one question with your topic. You mentioned that using gel antibiotic will lessen the possibility of having side effects....
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I would say compliance would be higher as well as compared to oral treatments, children would likely cooperate with having an antibiotic gel applied into the ear rather than making them swallow a medicine that could taste awful. As you have mentioned in your post, ear infections are very common in children. My little one has just turned two and hasn't had any ear infections so far but if ever she does have one, it's good to know that there is an alternative and something I can suggest to...
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