Ethical controversies in today’s medical research

Ethical controversies in today’s medical research

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Even with the establishment of the Helsinki Declaration and the widespread implementation of Good Clinical Practice in research, many modern day research projects have failed to comply with the established ethic guidelines. Here are some of the more prominent examples.
16 Sep 2016 - General
Both in research and clinical practice, getting a proper informed consent is indispensable. In fact, in the institution where I'm having my residency, the ethics board is so keen on this and the consent form has to be pre-approved prior to obtaining a consent. From what I know, experimental trials without informed consent cannot be published in peer-reviewed journals. So I'm not sure why would any researcher spend efforts in engaging in a trial without a proper consent if its not even pu...
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Medical clinical research is very important for generating new knowledge and looking for the new or better treatment option for certain medical condition. It should have done in compliance to the clinical research ethic. Every research proposal should address the potential ethical dilemma, and how to overcome those. A clinical research cannot be carried out without the approval of an ethical committee who will oversee the ethical aspect of the clinical research. There are lot of different of cli...
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