Heart health benefits Vs atrial fibrillation of moderate drinking!

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16 Sep 2016 - General

I am pretty sure that this would be an interesting topic to whom they pretend that being an alcoholic has no issues. Several studies have shown that moderate drinking has improved heart health but not atrial fibrillation which is a major risk factor for heart failure, stroke and other cardio vascular events. A daily consumption of 10 grams of alcohol which means just a drink increases the risk of developing new onset atrial fibrillation by 5%. A study has revealed that an additional intake of 10 grams of alcohol make the left atrium 0.16 mm wider than it was. So instead of thinking of the benefits, it is worthy to quit alcohol for the benefits of quitting. 

Interesting fact. So far I also used to believe that mild-moderate consumption of alcohol is good for the heart. Many books describe mild drinking as a cardioprotecticive habit. I guess the effect of alcohol on atrial fibrillation must be a recent finding, or is it not? So the discussion, whether to continue alcohol consumption or not, now depends on two factors. Whether you want to die of a myocardial infarction or an atrial fibrillation related complication like heart failure or systemic throm...
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