Philippine youth problems include mental and reproductive health

Philippine youth problems include mental and reproductive health

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Statistics concerning Filipino youth are quite alarming, based on the latest National Youth Assessment Study (NYAS 2015). It revealed that 1 in 4 Filipino youth already have children, 48 percent did not know the risks of unsafe sex, and 14 percent have contemplated suicide.
16 Sep 2016 - General
I've seen my fair share of 16 y.o G2P2 patients and even 23 y.o. G5P5, and it is actually depressing. I was infuriated one time by a pregnant 16 year old when she was not even surprised that she's pregnant, instead she asked me "Doc, when can I have sex again?", she hasn't even graduated yet in high school for chrissake. She's more bothered of when she's going to have sex again instead of facing the fact that she is going to be a teenage mother.

It makes me...
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Alan Rosmadi: I completely understand your point there. I for one when I look at teenagers and find out that they are having sex I get this feeling that they shouldn't be having sex. I truly feel sad when I find out that they are having sex and worse when they have kids. As Jemelyn Mae Sodusta said, "Teenagers need to hav...
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Nowadays, seeing a young pregnant girl with another baby at her side walking along the street is not new at all. The reality is that every year, more and more teens are having children at an alarmingly young age. This issue raises the question of what can be done to prevent and lower the rates of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers need to have a comprehensive understanding of abstinence, contraceptive techniques, and consequences. Health education and guidance from her family plays an important role i...
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Its a common thing nowadays to see this disappointment around the world. There has been no statistics of underage pregnant teens to compare but that is not the point. The point is to educate and hopefully put it to a stop. As teenagers, they should do what teenagers do and probably to encourage them is by educating them the correct way and increase the number of activities for teenagers to be engaged in. So that their mind wont be corrupted by adultery. ...
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It saddens me when I see a young girl with child. Despite them loving their child and growing a sense of responsibility it isn't the time for them to do this. I often tell children, who are in a rush to grow up, that they are only children once. They will be adults for the rest of their lives so enjoy your childhood. It is alarming that in 1 in 4 Filipino youth have children. I was very happy when the RH bill (reproductive health bill which allowed universal access to contraception) came abo...
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