Nurses: 8 challenges that are all in a day’s work

Nurses: 8 challenges that are all in a day’s work

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Although it is well known that a nurse’s job is never easy, here’s a list of the key and crucial things that nurses really do on a daily basis.
16 Sep 2016 - General
Communication plays an integral part for each nurse in the team. Yes it's true that you need to communicate well not only with the patients and doctors but also with your colleagues to create a better team. I think that would be the most difficult part in the process is to establish rapport with your patients. As the saying goes you can never please anyone, I am always trying my best to please my patients but I get to realize at times that my job isn't just pleasing people. That's al...
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My uncle who used to be quite lackadaisical and happy-go-lucky, used to be such a problem for my mom's family. He was the youngest, and almost my age, so we grew up like playmates. He was always the troublemaker and he was quite lazy. And then he decided to take nursing (as initially instructed by my grandma in the US) but then he fell in love with it and passed the boards. Now he is a head nurse and has surely gone a long way. My mom and aunts say, he really changed because of nursing. The ...
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The cycle nurses go through day in day out is endless. Although we are given plans from doctors for a patient's treatment, Nurses does more than that. Which are stated in the link. A lot of times they do the necessities and provide care and passion towards their job. They provide what is needed such as all the daily living activities example: bathing and dressing changes, etc. The list can go on and on if you need me to go on. Although it is a highly demanded career, nurses are very much not...
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I think this list goes on. The demands of the nursing profession can be quite overwhelming. They have a diverse role in caring for the patient. Unfortunately in the Philippines, the nursing profession carries the burden of an understaffed hospital. They go beyond their job description and do more than what they should just to take care of their patients. Not to mention that they sometimes have to deal with difficult patients, colleagues and even doctors. Since I've practically lived in the h...
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