weekend case discussion -1 - skin infection

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17 Sep 2016 - General

A 65 years old gentleman, with background of hypertension, hypercholesteroleasmia, chronic kidney disease, increased body mass index, smoker of 30 pack years, was initially admiited due to 1 day history of central chest pain, associated with shortness of breath. Patient was diagnosed to have non ST elevation myocardail infarction, was treated accordingly and plan for angiogram in the next 1-2 days. Intravenous cannula was inserted on admisssion, to give patient some intravenous fluid prior to the coronary angiogram. The next morning, the intravenous cannula looked very erythematous, painful to touch, and increased in temperature. What is your diagnosis for the intravenous cannula site ?? What medication would you give to the patient to treat this condition??

You Yi Hong Most likely this hypothetical patient is suffering from an infusion phlebitis. Although the incidence rate of this condition is variable among institutions, the most common incidence in RCTs is 60% following peripheral intravenous cannulation. There is actually a grading scale for infusion phlebitis which ascends if the number of the following symptoms increases: erythema at access site, pain at acce...
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