How does alcohol affect your blood sugar level?

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17 Sep 2016 - General

Alcohol is formed by the fermentation of sugar. It is classified as a depressant and a sedative hypnotic drug. It is rapidly absorbed by the stomach and gives it's effects almost all the organs immediately. Alcohol consumption is very prevalent all over the world and hence it has become a famous topic to discuss. How does it affect the blood sugar level. It directly increases the sugar level and decrease the sensitivity of insulin. In patients with chronic liver disease due to alcohol may present with glucose intolerance or diabetes. Not only increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, it addresses all aspect of life. So it is better if you tolerate it or quit it.

It has been a long time that drinking with my friends after a tiring shift in the call center to hang out to some others house and drink until sun rise. When I use to work in the hospital, most pm shifts we get to go out and drink as much as we could and ending up going on duty the next day. That's really unbelievable that my body tend to carry all of these hang overs and still go on duty. However there was a time wherein I felt like my body has already graduated from all of these vices. I t...
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Most people consume alcohol on special occasions and some do it on a weekly basis. I know people who do it almost daily. But after knowing all who have failed and eventually died due to chronic renal failure due to alcohol, people tend to be ignorant and continue excessive drinking of alcohol. How can we help and promote a healthier lifestyle to these citizens? With these illnesses on a rise and some are not aware of it, i suggest we can provide health checks more often to these people just to m...
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Beer makes you fat! This was something brought up by a non medical friend of mine at the dinner table just today. And then I had to explain to them this happens and how much sugar, carbohydrates and calorie is in one glass of beer that we take although beer doesn't sound like a high calorie drink. So not only alcohol can lead to chronic liver cell disease. It can also raise your blood glucose levels and make one prone to diabetes related conditions like coronary artery disease, peripheral va...
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