Free health check-ups, meds for 20M indigent Filipinos

Free health check-ups, meds for 20M indigent Filipinos

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The Duterte administration's new health agenda aims to provide free medical check-ups and medicines to 20 million indigent Filipinos, according to the Department of Health.
18 Sep 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto Of course we are. The taxes we pay mostly come from heard-earned money, considering that the social status of our countrymen is still pyramidal. Majority of Filipinos belong to the low income to middle class groups, and I find it odd that the taxing scheme is not even tiered.This makes the lowest class suffer even more. Giving a proportion of them with special medical privileges won't s...
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As much as this seems to be great news, we have to be practical about all his ideas.
If you were able to work at a big public hospital (to which I was given the opportunity to experience my residency in Manila), you will know that this is far from being a reality.
To start of, the budget needed for this project should be questioned. Where will they get the budget?
Next, where will they get the facilities and equipment?
Finally, where will they get the personnel?
Do they plan ...
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"Christmas gift?" As citizens, we are entitled to good governance and I don't see this as any gift since funds from these projects come from the taxes we pay. See, that's the problem with some of our fellow Filipinos. They think so lowly of themselves that sometimes "good governance" becomes a luxury. So no. It is not a gift, because we are entitled to this. I am not sure if this is a good move by the government. How long can they sustain this project and to what exte...
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Yes really an amazing news for each indigent Filipinos, an early Christmas gift as it says. This is a better idea other than just giving monetary allowances that will surely reach the empty handed individuals. It could have been better if the article will provide what are the qualifications for these free services specifically the MRI's and CT Scans. As a worker in a private institution, I knew how costly these health services and I am happy knowing that they will provide this free to them. ...
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"The Health official referred to the programme as an "early Christmas gift," which is in compliance with the new health agenda of the current administration." This is amazing news and I know this doesn't mean so much but this is already of great value. The biggest problem with the indigent is that many of them only discover diseases when they are in its full-blown stages and are almost hopeless. The availability of screenings and checkups, will help increase awareness amo...
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