Slideshow: When a Loved One Has Alzheimer's Disease

Slideshow: When a Loved One Has Alzheimer's Disease

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WebMD's caregiver's guide to understanding Alzheimer's disease symptoms and stages. Includes tips to avoid caregiver burnout.
18 Sep 2016 - General
I have a friend who shared about her grandmother having alzheimers disease. She said it is really really hard, take alot of your time and effort to take care a person with alzheimers. Thinking that she can't perform her activities of daily living alone. She tends to ask you the same questions for long. She once shared that she sometimes loses her patience when being asked by the same question over and over again. She don't know how to dress properly and for most of the time she is awake ...
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Worldwide, dementia has an estimated prevalence of 24 million and studies show that this is expected to quaruple by year 2050. One of the risk factors is advanced age, wherein most patients with Alzheimer’s disease develop this disease after 65 years old. The increase in acquiring this illness reaches 50% for elderly individuals after 85 years old. The Philippine population is predominantly young, with only roughly 5% of the population aged over 60 years old. Although I haven't found a local...
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This is just one of the diseases I am afraid of acquiring in the future. This is really a helpless situation. I can never imagine myself dealing with a family member or someone close to me with Alzheimer's disease. Sadly in the later part of the process, you can no longer even care for yourself, you tend to forget bathing, eating, dressing up and even your motor skills does not coordinate anymore. I think one of the things that could be helpful in preventing one of having this is through con...
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