Recipient of world’s first face transplant dies from complications

Recipient of world’s first face transplant dies from complications

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The woman who received the world’s face transplant has died after a long battle with complications and cancers that arose after her body’s immune system began to reject the transplant.
18 Sep 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta The risk of rejection for facial transplant is similar for any solid organ transplantation. Only that the risk of acute and chronic rejection is slightly higher because the donors are usually not living-related. I did a research on the epidemiology of transplant and I've gathered that there has been 17 facial transplant surgeries done worldwide (Reference journal published last 2015). Out...
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This is the first time I read about face transplantation. Face transplantation includes: the facial skin, the nasal structure, the nose, the lips, the muscles of facial movement used for expression, the nerves that provide sensation, and, potentially, the bones that support the face. Face transplantation, or any kind of organ transplant is very an invasive procedure. Mainly because there is a risk of rejection after the surgery and the fact that the recipient of a face transplant will take life-...
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