The challenge of patients over-relying on medical websites and how to advise them

The challenge of patients over-relying on medical websites and how to advise them

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While the wide range of healthcare information online allows patients to be more informed about their health, doctors are often at odds with how to handle the resulting panic bells that sound for many Google-obsessed patients.
19 Sep 2016 - General
You know what, two years ago I had a developed a rash on my eyebrow. Initially I thought it was a pimple and so I pricked it like I would some pimples and then instead of it drying it, I noticed it getting bigger and then forming blisters. I got nervous. I didn't know what I had and I was looking online and then I typed "flesh eating bacteria" because I wanted to scare myself and I looked at image-after-image. Anyway, I finally decided I had impetigo because I had "yellow crus...
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This is a difficult challenge for the medical community. In this day and age, there's just too much available information and the danger of being misinformed is just around the corner. As my mentor always warns, "Little knowledge is dangerous." Like what @ mentioned, patients can easily misinterpret the symptoms that they check online leading to unnecessary anxiety. The study of medicine is so complex thats why it takes so many years to study it. It is not symptom+ symptom = a dise...
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"However, it is equally undeniable that well-informed patients do make doctors’ life much easier and their mission of having a better informed patient for decision making more effective."- Yes I agree that a patient who is well informed is a good patient. I like it when patients are very active about their health but do not like it when they push that the internet said this and that it is correct. It is not ego to dislike this but it ruins the treatment process. So yes we shouldn't...
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I could not emphasize the importance of this matter to Filipinos. It is no secret that one of the reasons why Filipinos tend to self-diagnose and self-medicate is because of lack of budget for healthcare. While self-diagnosis and medication are not totally harmful for patients, we should never forget that some matters concerning our health need professional insight.

As HCPs, let's make sure that our patients, in case they decide to look up their health condition, they look at the re...
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