Entrance examination for the medical course

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19 Sep 2016 - General

There has been a controversy in India about the entrance examination for entering the medical field.

India follows the 10+2 education pattern as far as secondary and higher secondary education is concerned. This pattern is more or less uniform in all Indian states.Traditionally, the admissions to medical colleges for undergraduate education used to be conducted on the basis of marks of exit examination of the 12th Standard or Grade.Since the past few years there have been State and National level entrance examinations which have been decided to be the qualifying criteria for entrance to undergraduate medical course.

Recently the Supreme Court of India gave a ruling that the admissions to the course should be conducted on the basis of a single nationwide entrance examination only. There are 3 types of medical colleges in India. First: those which are run by the government and are affiliated to Government Universities, Second: those which are privately run but are affiliated to Government Universities and Third: which are privately run and affiliated to Deemed Universities which are under private control.

The Deemed Universities have objected to this kind of Government control over their admission process and have appealed to the court again. There are a large number of students who wish to take admission in these colleges and their admission process has not been able to take off resulting in academic loss to the students.

The situation remains unsolved as of now, with new court rulings expected this week.

What is the admission procedure to undergraduate medical courses in your country?


Amit Parasnis Is there an academic accrediting body that evaluates the standards of the universities that you have mentioned? When I think about it, as long as these universities are at par with the same standards, then I don't see any problem why a single national exam is an issue. Is there a national cut-off score for admission to medical school, or does it vary also depending on the what the school sets a...
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In the Philippines we have a standardized test called the NMAT or National Medical Admissions Test. It is the same throughout the country and anyone can take this test as long as they are graduating from an undergraduate course. The admission into a medical college differs only by your NMAT scores. Other schools have very high standards which require you to have a 90 or 95 as other schools may go as low as 40. I don't think that setting your NMAT score at 40 to be a bad thing as standardized...
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