Scientists Have Successfully Grown A Lung In A Dish

Scientists Have Successfully Grown A Lung In A Dish

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The breakthrough means that researchers are now able to research deadly lung diseases more effectively, as previously they had to rely on 2D cultures. Technology is aiding diagnostics and medical research across the world as scientists
19 Sep 2016 - General
This is truly an innovative breakthrough in the medical field. Stem cells are used to grow a 3D human lung in a petri dish is very helpful in medical and diagnosis of various lungs diseases. The team of scientist at the University of California deserves appreciation for their effort to help lungs patients with major diseases. They have coated tiny gel beads with stem cells and allowed them to self-assemble in an air sack similar to human lungs. This lung is not fully functional but, it will be i...
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The science of biomedical technology never ceases to amaze me. Every now and then there are always new inventions that are promising to produce favorable results for patients. It seems like scientists are unstoppable these days given the advances in technology. I have interacted with some patients with cystic fibrosis who are either on the double lung transplant list, or who underwent transplant surgery already. From their stories, they really have significant impairments in activities of daily ...
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