Have you been pricked?

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19 Sep 2016 - General

As healthcare professionals, we will always be at risk of neddles stick or shraps injury whilst at work. Have you had a personal experience wth needle stick? Pleases do share. 

The following guidance has been taken from an NHS website and this is just a simple reminder on how we deal with such incident, if ever it happens.

"If you pierce or puncture your skin with a used needle, follow this first aid advice immediately:

  • encourage the wound to bleed, ideally by holding it under running water
  • wash the wound using running water and plenty of soap
  • don’t scrub the wound while you’re washing it
  • don’t suck the wound
  • dry the wound and cover it with a waterproof plaster or dressing

You should also seek urgent medical advice:


Quite a few of you have mentioned about your experiences and about this fishig technique. I wonder what a fishing technique is. In UK, we are not encouraged to re sheath needles as a good practice and for safety. As for my recent experience, approxim...
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Kathleen Peralta Unfortunately, I am not as careful as I have been pricked a couple of times already. Even when using the fishing technique for covering sharps. I remember getting pricked o...
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haha thanks for tagging me Kathleen Peralta. Unfortunately yes I have been pricked despite being very careful and performing the fishing capping technique. I got pricked by a consultant onc...
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Yes! is there anybody else in this community who hasn't had a needle stick injury? I would be very much interested to know. I'd like to tag Mark Edmon Tan and ...
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Oh I've been pricked many times. I think when you work with needles, you are bound to get pricked once (or many times). And not just needles too. I have drilled my finger with the bur we use for tooth fillings and preparations. Sometimes I have t...
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I think it is not an easy task to find a doctor or a nurse who has not at least once been pricked by a needle. If there is anyone out there in the MIMS community, I would really like to hear how you NOT got pricked! :D I have got myself pricked by ne...
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Of course why not! Once I was in my fourth year in my medical college I was got pricked and I was quite sure that I got exposed to blood from the patient. Then I was so worried about it and it is not a lie if I say that I was so depressed after I g...
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In answer to your question Ms. Kathleen Peralta, Yes, too many times actually. This unfortunate incident is very common for nurses. Good thing most of my experience are being pricked from newly opened syringe. This happens most of the time when I am ...
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Kathleen Peralta Yes, I have been pricked due to my carelessness. The first time was when I was a medical technology intern rotating as a phlebotomist in a public hospital. I was in a hurr...
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