Infographic: Zika in Singapore & Malaysia

Infographic: Zika in Singapore & Malaysia

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Take a look as this visual timeline of how Zika has affected Singapore and Malaysia so far.
19 Sep 2016 - General
It is a very informative illustration and timeline of invasion of Zika virus to Singapore and then Malaysia. It seems like the number of people infected is not exponentially increased rapidly. But, the number of confirmed cases is always an underesti...
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This infographic is definitely helpful. As Alex Ngai said some people must feel fatigued from constant updates. The progression of Zika in Singapore and Malaysia doesn't look all too ba...
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As with the earlier timeline article, having a straightforward infographic makes it even easier for people to see at one glance the progression of the outbreak without having to read through a thousand words.

After the initial flurry of rep...
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