9 of 10 Kawasaki disease patients at KKH under five years old

9 of 10 Kawasaki disease patients at KKH under five years old

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The KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) reports that 120 to 150 young patients are treated for Kawasaki disease here each year. Nine out of ten patients are in the under-five age group and 40%  are babies who are below a year old.
19 Sep 2016 - General
Soon Kiam Tan I haven’t encountered such a study probably because documented Kawasaki disease has a low incidence in the European region. I’m not sure if nationwide epidemiologic estimates ...
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Marinelle Castro. The first study you quoted consisted of a population from United States where vaccine take up rate is high. It will be interesting to compare this with studies from European countries, and from countries where vaccine uptake is les...
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Soon Kiam Tan Of course, the absence of evidence does not mean that there is lack of causation. In your opinion, what kind of research do you think will be appropriate to establish causation...
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Soon Kiam Tan Hi, I am not an expert on Kawasaki disease but based on my research, the link between childhood vaccination and Kawasaki disease has already been explored in several studies. ...
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