A doctor's letter to the intern

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19 Sep 2016 - General

The medical career is tough. Along the way, there are many challenges that could eventually cloud our minds, making us unsure about this career. I'm still at a relatively early stage in my career and can definitely testify that the road is not easy, trying to balance a career and family I find myself at times struggling to keep my priorities. This is a good read for those in medical school. Perhaps those who have been in this career longer than I can provide some advice as to whether or not this career path is worth the mandatory painstaking journey, it's so undeniably infamous for.

First of all I must say that doing medicine has been identified to be the most stressful course in the universities and the most stressful occupation too. The work load is very extensive in our internship periods. I had only 14 day offs for the entire internship year. But we usually do not take those day offs because attitude matters. I was the most junior staff member of the doctor staff and so most often I got scolded by the seniors. Even in front of the patients also. That was the most unplea...
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This is a good article. Reminds me of my journey as a medical intern. I remember being so happy at that time because I'm no longer a bottom dweller. To my surprise, I still am because I had my internship at a private institute with no medical clerks! Anyway, I think the most important advice is number 4: Do not lose heart. We all decided to become doctors because we want to save humanity, but I'm sure if we were well informed of what was in store for us, then half of us would have quit a...
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