Diabetes drug glyburide may help reduce brain swelling after stroke

Diabetes drug glyburide may help reduce brain swelling after stroke

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Glyburide, a sulphonyurea used for treating noninsulin-dependent diabetes, could help reduce brain swelling and was well tolerated in stroke patients when given intravenously, according to the GAMES-RP* study.
19 Sep 2016 - General
Glyburide is sulphonylurea chemically that is used for the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes. But a recent research has shown that Glyburide is beneficial in reducing the swelling in the brain after stroke. It is also found that it is well tolerated by stroke patients than other medications. A group of patients having large hemispheric infarction was selected to analyze the effect of Glyburide and result showed that patients who were treated with Glyburide within ten hours of stroke on...
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I must admit that this is the first time I’ve read of an anti-hypoglycemic agent that may also reduce cerebral edema. Glyburide is more popularly known as Glibenclamide in the Philippines. I had to review its effect on the CNS and here's what I've gathered so far. Glibenclamide inhibits sulfonylurea receptor 1 (Sur-1), which is a non-selective cation channel that is also present within the CNS. Its found within glial cells, endothelial cells and neurons. Sur-1 has been associated with is...
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