Hi guys, an exiting news about sexual health!

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20 Sep 2016 - General

Yes, exiting. Really exiting. A good news for the men with loss of libido. A study has revealed that being exposed to bright artificial light increases the sexual desire of men. It has been found that one fourth of all men are found to have loss of libido. The major reasons are anxiety, stress and depression. It causes the reduction of the male sex hormone, testosterone. That study has revealed that an early morning exposure to a bright light source for two weeks has increased serum LH levels and hence the serum levels of testosterone. I think this would be a good news for the men suffering with poor libido.

Sorry for entering this article. I guess really this page is a good news for men out there! Kidding. Can you provide us the complete link for the article Rajinda Asalage ? Hehe thank you. This could be very helpful to those men with increasing age, loss of libido or interest with coitus. This kind of articles in the Philippines are quite a taboo for each and everyone. How many respondents and what age bracket has...
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I find this really interesting too! :D So according to this, bright light, particularly artificial bright light works to increase the libido by increasing the levels of serum luteinizing hormone with a resultant increase in testosterone. But it doesn't mention what type of artificial light brings about this effect.I wonder why it has to be an artificial light source. Light source can be from fluorescent lamps, filament lamps, Light emitting diodes (LED) etc. Each of these light sources emit ...
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