Researchers Unveil Ciliated Microbots

Researchers Unveil Ciliated Microbots

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World’s first ciliary microrobots could change the way we take medicine. Scientists in South Korea have developed a new method for building microrobots that could be used in the body to deliver drugs and perform
20 Sep 2016 - General
I first read the article as 'scientists unveil the first ciliated microbes' and then thought to myself, weren't ciliated microbes identified centuries ago? Haha :D This indeed is a great move forward. From my childhood I had this dream that one day there will be tiny robots than is so small that we can introduce it into our bodies to do tiny things that we cannot do with our naked eyes. And that dream is slowly becoming a reality. The possible applications of this technology is endle...
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Wow, I hope these first ciliary microrobots will work best in combating systemic infectious diseases. This is a new drug delivery system that might be more effective in delivering the drug to a particular organ more effectively. These robots are designed like paramecia that are unicellular protozoan containing cilia. Cilia are hair-like organelles that produces whiplash movement to propel protozoan. I like the proposed structures of these microbots and I am sure they will work perfectly. Ciliary...
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