5 ways doctors can learn from designers

5 ways doctors can learn from designers

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When we talk about people in creative professions– typically people involved in art and design, we often think that they are unbound by rules and protocols. Designers may be seen as completely opposite to doctors, who generally have to abide by a set of rigid criteria and protocols in their clinical practice. But is this perception true?
20 Sep 2016 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta As a resident trainee, I don't think we have any other choice but to accept criticisms of our seniors. I'm sure you are well aware of the medical caste system in the hospital and a resident trainee is just a few notches higher than being a medical intern. Openness to criticism depends on how constructive it was delivered. Sometimes some criticisms are merely bashings and products on i...
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Understanding needs and preferences of the patients is very important in the career of a doctor. For 2 different patients with the same illness, we might have to treat differently depending on their need and preference. We learn a specific set of management for a particular condition, but we can't always go by the book. We have to consider patient factors, and the opinion f the relatives of the patients and make our treatment options flexible, so that the patient is happy and their problem a...
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I believe that doctors or any profession per se are open to constructive criticisms. These criticism might improve you as a professional. Just like the saying, "when they throws you a pot, plant it with a flower". In the end you will be the one who will benefit it. Indeed, effective communication is basically needed in HCPs since we are dealing with life which is very crucial and very important to disseminate the information correctly. As far as I know the professions who are very flex...
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