Why is there a need for foreign-trained doctors in Singapore?

Why is there a need for foreign-trained doctors in Singapore?

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One in four doctors in Singapore’s public sector received their training overseas, and Singapore is in need of even more foreign trained doctors.
20 Sep 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thanks for sharing that information. Its good that you had the opportunity to enter the Malaysian healthcare system before they closed their doors. Hope the Malaysian government will reconsider their decision because the consequences of manpower shortage may cause a gradual collapse in the country’s healthcare system ...
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Singapore is in an opposite position from Malaysia: Malaysia has too many medical students waiting for housemanship, while Singapore has a shortage of doctors. A lot of this is due to the low intake at the NUS medical school for many years, and while Lee Kong Chian medical school at NTU will help with this, the first batch will only graduate in 2 years time.

Singapore has had a strong reputation of having a high standard of healthcare and healthcare education in Asia, and that can also...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz The situation you have just mentioned regarding doctors in Malaysia is the exact same issue for pharmacists in Singapore. They have also put a freeze on foreign pharmacists working in Singapore and prioritising locals, hence why I am struggling to get registered in Singapore as no institution will accept me. A small hurdle that is affecting my future career in the industry. I would imagine a sim...
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Well, It feels very strange for me to talk about this issue, as I am a foreign doctor graduated from Africa but I have to be in Malaysia for family reasons. The Malaysian government has unfortunately frozen taking any foreign doctors since the beginning of this year because of the limited placements and budgets apparently. In fact, the country is still in shortage of doctors but the number of the new graduates especially those Malaysians studied abroad is more than they can take. I am not sure a...
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I was not aware that Singapore is also facing a shortage of local doctors. Its very unfortunate on the background of an aging population since medical care will be more likely needed by this age group. I know a lot of colleagues who trained in Singapore for a few years for different subspecialties. Some stayed for another 2-3 years to practice, but they eventually came back to Manila. The article mentioned that there Health ministry is offering grants to students. I'm just wondering why a lo...
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