Cancer rates among two key groups are declining

Cancer rates among two key groups are declining

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Cancer death rates have been falling over the last few decades .
21 Sep 2016 - General
This is the result of remarkable advancements in the treatment of oncologic disorders - especially blood dyscrasias. I think this will cause a paradigm shift in the dictum that cancers among the younger population are deadly. Now that the mortality rates are decreasing, then perhaps its time to shift the research focus on the treatment of adult cancers and cancer prevention. I'm just curious though if the rates mentioned in the article are for Westerners only, or is it also true for Asian co...
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Now this is some relief. All over the news we hear how the cancer prevalence is increasing in the community like a wildfire and how much the new lifestyle affects people in increasing the risk of getting certain types of cancer. And there are new drugs and treatment modalities developing every day. Thank to the advances in medicine we now can detect cancers early, and treat them promptly and much effectively than we were able to 10 years ago. That should be the reason why the death toll from can...
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