MOH says milk from school not to blame for student's gangrenous foot

MOH says milk from school not to blame for student's gangrenous foot

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The Malaysian Education and Health Ministries are investigating the incident of a 12-year-old girl who developed foot gangrene after she was admitted to hospital following consumption of milk provided in school.
21 Sep 2016 - General
I agree with you Pearly Neo and Alex Ngai. This is very unusual that the child had a gangrenous foot just by consuming milk. It was stated in the article that she had a barterial infection prior admission. So, this is may be the reason why she had developed those. In this kind of situation Health Education must be strengthen in both, parents, patients and significant others . This is not a simple case since the parents are insisting that the unfortunate illness was taken from milk consumption. A...
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This is one of those confusing situations where parents may mistakenly confuse an unrelated incident as the cause of a disease or accident. The incident is very unfortunate, but it would be rash for people to immediately point to the milk as the culprit, I have not heard of any incident where milk causes gangrene.

Further tests are obviously necessary before the cause of the problem is determined, but I cannot help but wonder if the parents' insistence of removing the patient from ...
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