How should doctors deal with patients seeking more tests and drugs?

How should doctors deal with patients seeking more tests and drugs?

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If your patient could have their body tested for everything possible and still afford the costs, would you recommend that they do it? Or is it better to be safe than sorry?
21 Sep 2016 - General
On one hand, unnecessary tests are bad in the sense that they take up valuable resources in a hospital. No matter how much the patient is willing to pay, even in private institutions, you can't 'magic' up extra imaging machines or laboratories at someone's whim, and that means that another patient who may really need the test is going to be delayed. On the other hand, the attraction of private institutions is that they are able to provide services above and beyond that of the pub...
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Patients who request for extra lab tests and imaging procedures are often the ones who require reassurance. Explaining that the procedures they are requesting are diagnostic but not therapeutic for diseases would help them calm down. I remember getting an endorsement about a patient in the outpatient services who would insist on getting a lumbar MRI every single time even though he just had an MRI 6 months ago. When I saw the patient, I explained that lumbar MRI will not treat his chronic low ba...
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Patients requesting for unnecessary lab tests are commonplace in private institutions. On an ethical perspective, the only thing that a doctor can do is to offer an opinion why he/she thinks that these tests are not necessary. I think it would be helpful to reiterate that lab tests and ancillary procedures are not risk free.Patients should be educated on possible complications procedures, especially if it entails administration of contrast dyes. In the event that the patient still insists despit...
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