Can't Close Snapchat? What That Might Say About Your Mental Health

Can't Close Snapchat? What That Might Say About Your Mental Health

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New research shows that people who have trouble staying offline -- those with internet addiction -- may have a host of other mental health issues.
21 Sep 2016 - General
Oh, I cannot live without my phone and the internet anymore. But I still value actual relationships more than I do, whatever is interesting on my smartphone. Which means, when in a dinner or when engaged in an activity with friends and family, I will surely put my phone down (and even turn my data off, if I am not really expecting something important). I blog, but my blog access is through my laptop. And on my smartphone, I have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email. My messaging apps...
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Both smartphone addiction and internet addiction are very detrimental to health and relationships with people too. You can just see how many people are glued to their smartphones even when they are having "family" dinner. More people prefer to spend time in isolation rather than communicate with others. For our profession, having this type of addiction is worse because our job requires undivided attention when attending to patients. I even witnessed one event of such addiction in a pri...
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No, it is really difficult to live without the internet today because we need technology at every step of our life. For example, whenever I start new medication I always confirm it through the internet by browsing multiple online medical websites to confirm its performance profile. I personally think that the internet is really very informative technology but only and only if we use it properly for useful purposes. Internet addiction, especially among high school and college students, is very da...
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It is no doubt that the Internet and the social media are powerful instruments for mobilization of people. This technology perceived as a source that are helpful in social, political and educational aspect. It is also promoting good communication, understanding and provides information that is necessary. However, internet abused might caused you badly. Where according to research, internet addiction is now prominent in college-aged students. This is an indication of having a mental health proble...
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