Tension headache is a headache for the community.

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22 Sep 2016 - General

With the development and the evolution, people have made their lives so busy and that has been the main reason for the high stress state among them. A high stress state will lead you to various types of diseases and the stress has been found to be a risk factor for most of the disease conditions and the psychiatric disorders. There are two types which are frequent type and infrequent type. There are several triggering factors for these types of headaches which are Physical or emotional stress, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of sleep, Lack of exercise, Eye strain, Dehydration, Regular exposure to loud noise, Tiredness,  Poor posture and Jaw clenching. Aspirin is found to be very effective and since this is stress related, cognitive behavioural therapy also has a theraputic value.<

Headaches have become increasingly common since societies have become industrialized. I have interest in medical archaeology and its interesting to say that tension headaches may have already existed pre-industrialized societies. The ancient description of headaches in archives (Egyptian papyri/ Ebers Smith) were ascribed to supernatural or demonic causes. Although I'm not sure since diagnostic modalities were unheard of during that time, but that would have been their code for "tension...
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It is a staple to have headaches as humans i guess. LOL. We all have problems and activities that makes us feel overloaded and depressed. Everyone of us will have a headache every now and then because of the high stress level that all of us go through at work and home. But never bring back stress from work to home or vice versa. It will just complicate things for you and leave in you in the "pit of doom". Always learn to manage stress. Headaches are simple illness that is easily treata...
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Well,headache is a common complain in adult medicine, specially in female wards! I don't know if tension headache becomes a headache for the society, but for the patient and his / her close relatives are definite affected by patients who suffer from severe headache. They go from doctor to doctor looking for a cure but they end u disappointed. In pediatrics we don't hear about headache much from kids. I am not sure if it due to the fact that headache is not a symptom commonly seen in chil...
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