Fitness trackers might make weight loss programs less effective

Fitness trackers might make weight loss programs less effective

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Before starting a weight loss program, you might be tempted to go pick up a new wearable fitness tracker.
22 Sep 2016 - General
Interesting article. However, the benefits that one might get from a fitness tracker really depends on the end user. If one uses it to track down the maximal level of his exercise, then it might be less effective. There are some people who really hate exercise, but they have to do it anyway because they really want to lose weight. So trackers for these kinds of users may be disadvantageous because it will encourage them to set a limit on their performance. To people who genuinely enjoy exercise ...
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I don't believe the calories burnt in my fitness tracker. I just rely on the step counter and the ability to track my runs like how fast I go per kilometer. I think that a fitness tracker is a good motivator as there are people who like to see results earlier. It really depends on the user truth be told. Calories can be better tracked by making a list of intake and roughly calculating calories lost during exercise. When I check my fitbit and it reminds me that I haven't exercised this w...
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I feel that this is a device to assist in your mission to good health. An individual should not rely on it for better health. How you get in shape is by planning your exercise regime. And at the same time have a balanced diet in order to get in shape. We should never rely on devices and expect to loose weight. I have a similar tracker that i use and it is just to have a count on how many steps i have made and calories i have burnt. But by burning calories does not mean i would be getting a six p...
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Are you one of those heath conscious tech enthusiasts who are trying to bring health and technology together? Well then you must already be using fitness trackers to track the progress of your workout and monitor the daily calorie burn. I do not routinely exercise but i have used a fitness tracker, just to see how it works. And I was amazed by the amount of information it gives. It tracks every foot step that we take, the distance that we walk and depending on that it calculates the amount of ca...
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