Chronic Pancreatitis

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22 Sep 2016 - General

Chronic pancreatitis is the chronic, continuous inflammatory and fibrotic process of the pancrease, due to a lot of different aetiology. This will eventually lead to the impairment of the exocrine and endocrine function of pancrease. The causes for chronic pancreastitis can be chronic alcohol excess, autoimmune, metabolic, obstructive due to stricture, idiopathic, and genetic inheritance like cystic fibrosis and hereditary pancreatitis. Alchol excess remains the most common cause of chronic pancreastitis, may be accounting to around 2/3 of the cases of chronic pancreatitis. Autoimmune pancreatitis is characterized by the presence of auto-antibody, increased serum immunoglobulin level, and elevated IgG4 level. What are the management plans for patient with chronic pancreatitis??

Management of chronic pancreatitis generally is about two things First is, the clinician has to identify the aetiology for the condition. If the patient is having a lifestyle that exacerbates the disease, for example heavy alcohol consumption, our ma...
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One of the things a clinician has to know when managing chronic pancreatitis is its etiological cause. In the past, the most common cause of chronic pancreatitis is alcohol consumption. However, other causes such as chronic ductal strictures and auto...
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