Case - What else should we do??

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22 Sep 2016 - General

A middle aged gentleman, with background of alcohol liver cirrhosis, chronic alcohol excess, hepatitis c infection, smoker, was referred by his general practitioner (GP), due to 2 weeks history of increased abdominal distension, slight abdominal discomfort, and increasing jaundice looking. Patient was drinking alcohol on a daily basic (around 6-7 pints of beer plius 1/2 bottle of vodka a day), for the last 2 months. On examination, patient was jaundice and had moderate amounnt of ascites , with slight tenderness around abdominal area. Investigation showed slightly elevated white cell count and CRP. Liver function was deranged. Chest xray, and urine culture and sensitivity were normal. Patient was given medical management of his ascites with diurectic. Is there any vital investigation that we need to do and why??