Deputy Health DG: 'Stretcher incident' did not cause death of patient

Deputy Health DG: 'Stretcher incident' did not cause death of patient

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The Health Ministry of Malaysia has concluded that the 'stretcher incident' that linked faulty ambulance stretcher wheels and failure to strap a patient in with the death of the accident victim was not responsible for his death.
22 Sep 2016 - General
If evidence show that the initial head injuries did the fatal damage, then we cannot argue with the facts. They cannot be held liable for the life that was lost, as well. Unfortunately, there is still the subject of negligence and if the family of the deceased patient is willing to go through it, they have all the right to push complaints because it they are entitled to it. I am concerned at the "cover-up" the hospital is doing by failing to mention the faulty stretcher in several repo...
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That is the downside of the having less budget for health care facilities. I agree with what Dc. Jennifer Winter said. That Malaysia and Philippines faces same status in terms of lacking in modern facilities in public hospitals. Now that this incident already happened, we can't blame the family if they concluded that the fall of patient from the stretcher may aggravate his status. Because prior rescuing, all...
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