12 struggles that labour & delivery nurses face

12 struggles that labour & delivery nurses face

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Labour and delivery nurses help mothers in their labour, childbirth, and post-natal care. Here are some of the common struggles that they face on a daily basis.
22 Sep 2016 - General
Kathleen Peralta Although its hygienic, isn't that difficult for you, to shower within an hour of deliver? I also have my share of clinical experience with regards to labor and delivery. I think the most notable of them was when I spent a few months rotation in a government hospital in Manila, wherein the usual census is about 85-100 deliveries per day on an average day. I could not forget the sound of the s...
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I may not have gone to Labour and delivery speciality but I have been exposed to Obstetrics area, Labour and Delivery during my student nursing days. The most I can relate to in the article is the "strange smells" :D Definitely, the smell is different from all other areas I would say, I think it is a combination of sweat, poop and blood. That's how strange it is. haha No matter how strange the smell is, we just carry on with our daily tasks and assist mothers to be during labour, t...
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As I read through the article, it makes me smile especially with the strange smells. I have less exposure in L&D stations. But during my college years and when there is an understaffing in my work, I got a chance to work in this station. And for my experience strange smells, dirty rooms, difficult babies and most that have been mentioned in the article is really true. But the setting here in the Philippines is a little bit more toxic especially when you are working in public hospitals. There...
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