12 struggles that labour & delivery nurses face

12 struggles that labour & delivery nurses face

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Labour and delivery nurses help mothers in their labour, childbirth, and post-natal care. Here are some of the common struggles that they face on a daily basis.
22 Sep 2016 - General
Kathleen Peralta Although its hygienic, isn't that difficult for you, to shower within an hour of deliver? I also have my share of clinical experience with regards to labor and deliver...
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I may not have gone to Labour and delivery speciality but I have been exposed to Obstetrics area, Labour and Delivery during my student nursing days. The most I can relate to in the article is the "strange smells" :D Definitely, the smell i...
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As I read through the article, it makes me smile especially with the strange smells. I have less exposure in L&D stations. But during my college years and when there is an understaffing in my work, I got a chance to work in this station. And for ...
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One of the funniest things I noticed during both of my wife's deliveries and subsequent stays in the hospital, is that things that usually bewilder new parents are things that are entirely commonplace to them. For example, the sheer efficiency wi...
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