Suicide rates on the rise among teenagers and in urban areas in Malaysia

Suicide rates on the rise among teenagers and in urban areas in Malaysia

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Malaysian mental health experts have expressed concerns over the growing rates of suicides and depression among urban dwellers, including an increase seen among students.
22 Sep 2016 - General
I believe that the psychiatric health in Asia still has long way to go. Many people are still stigmatizing those with psychiatric disorders to be crazy or unqualified. Majority of patients hesitate for long time to ask for help for the fear of the consequences of the stigma. Furthermore, the culture of bullying and self-blaming is so prevalent. All these factors combined with the modernized lifestyle lead to stress, anxiety and depression that lead in some late stages to suicide. People need to...
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This is terrible news for the Malaysian community. It was also mentioned in the article that there is a shortage of mental health professionals. For those who are practicing in Malaysia, are counselling services widely available in schools? Also, what is the plan of the education sector of the country since one of the top causes is school-related anxiety and depression? According to the 2014 global report on suicide prevention (WHO), suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 1...
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This is sad news. Suicide rate in Malaysia is increasing from 10% to 29%. Thinking that the common victim are students who are having financial, academic and relationship related pressures. For me, mental health education must be strengthen. Encourage students to voice out what or how they feel. It is really important to have a someone you can talk to express your anxiety, depression, and disappointments. Every school there must be a counselor where students can easily access the help that they...
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