Type 2 diabetes risk linked to marital status and long naps

Type 2 diabetes risk linked to marital status and long naps

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Japanese researchers have found interesting correlations between both afternoon naps and marital status with diabetes in a large meta-analysis of previous studies.
22 Sep 2016 - General
Good news for the Japanese but from my point of view, diabetes should be forecast based on a person's way of diet and exercise regime. Not all of us consume like how Japanese do and the way they exercise could be different form us. Especially after being married. In Singapore i noticed that many have grown obese and are diagnosed with diabetes after a prolonged time. Which is why they say "happy life" after they get married and grow obese. This study could be used to a certain exte...
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It is soothing to learn that being married is good for your metabolic status and blood sugar levels, It is kind of surprising news to me. The quality of the relationship with your intimate partner can definitely have a prominent impact on your general health and your blood sugar levell. Studies that have looked at the effect of marital stress on health have shown that your immune system, heart, and blood glucose control can all be negatively affected if you have a high degree of conflict and str...
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