Researchers identify protein critical in causing chronic UTIs

Researchers identify protein critical in causing chronic UTIs

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Researchers have identified a way to prevent chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs). Vaccinating mice against a key protein that bacteria use to latch onto the bladder and cause UTIs reduces severe disease, according to researchers.
23 Sep 2016 - General
In my country, the current practice in management of multidrug resistant TB is the shorter regime mentioned in this article. Multi drug resistant tuberculosis is a huge burden, not only to the patient and the community he / she is living in. But it is a huge social problem because these multi drug resistant TB bacteria are very hard to kill, and we don't want those superbugs to infect another patient and make the treatment much difficult. Continuous uninterrupted treatment is the key to comp...
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This is a pretty interesting discovery. Urinary tract infections are a huge problem, not merely because urinary tract infections are symptomatic and causes distress to the patient. The major worry in managing a UTI is that the infection can ascend along the urinary tract and cause kidney damage, which can even lead to permanent renal scarring. This is something we commonly see in children. They have growing kidneys, and after contacting 4-5 culture positive UTIs, generally we see a decrement in ...
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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common infections that involve the invading of E. coli to the bladder. A new research is carried out for the prevention of UTI. Researchers have utilized the animal mice for testing. Researchers are focusing on a key protein that bacteria uses to enter to the bladder. They want to vaccinate the mice against that protein to prevent the entry of bacteria to cause infection. E. coli colonizes the internal walls of the bladder with the help of pili an...
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