Singaporean and Malaysian authorities reject haze study estimates of early deaths

Singaporean and Malaysian authorities reject haze study estimates of early deaths

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A U.S. study states that almost 100,000 early deaths in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are linked to the region’s yearly haze problems, but health authorities of all three countries state that it does not "reflect the actual situation".
23 Sep 2016 - General
Have you read The Maze Runner or watched it? The second book is the Scorch Trials and the post apocalyptic issue tackled in the series is "the haze". But the movie presents the haze with mutating capabilities, and the special subjects isolated in the Maze were studied because some of them were immune to the haze. While reading this article, I immediately thought of Maze Runner. Anyway, leaving fiction aside, I would love to see the studies too and understand why it was rejected. The co...
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The rejection of research study of Harvard and Columbia Universities in the US by Singaporean and Malaysian health authorities is significant. It was about the impact of haze on the health of individuals who are exposed to it. The study shows that killer haze has killed about 91,600 Indonesians, 6500 Malaysians, and 2200 causalities in Singapore. But these findings are rejected by Ministry of the health of these regions and have said that the study is in the face not reflective of the actual sit...
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Seeing that the studies done by Harvard and Columbia Universities were rejected by the health authorities of the three countries seems to point towards to the studies having a very large exclusion criteria. I for one would want to see these studies and see how they drew those conclusions. I will try to remain unbiased until I see the studies myself and understand why they are being rejected. We know that particulates are hazardous to our health but to draw that the presence of these particulates...
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