Anti-vaxxer parents: How healthcare professionals can help change their minds

Anti-vaxxer parents: How healthcare professionals can help change their minds

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Healthcare professionals play a key role in educating parents and the community about the importance of vaccinating our children. What communication strategies can we use to shape a successful vaccine conversation?
23 Sep 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Thanks to the expanded immunization program, kids are vaccinated here for free. Free administration of vaccines is a huge reason why there are only few who resist vaccination here in the Philippines. Aside from finding common ground, you can always bring up the future of the child. For example, one can convince a parent to push through with hepatitis B vaccine if you let them know that the anti-H...
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I find it very frustrating and surprising how the Anti-vaxxer culture is spreading in Malaysia !! I can’t hide my anger sometimes when I see one of these kids got infected with one of these preventable diseases because his/her parents refused. Recently, I saw a 4 years old girl with complicated popular rash over her trunk and limbs. Even her parents started seeking help 2 months after its eruption. It was my first time to see that distinctive pattern that we only read about it in books. Shocking...
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I think the number of Anti-vaxxer parents has been reduced too much worldwide that is the reason vaccination is becoming more common worldwide. In Pakistan, parents are very cooperative and helpful and they consider vaccination as important as health care professionals. Parents know that vaccination is very helpful in preventing hazardous diseases such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, diphtheria, haemophilus, meningitis, yellow fever, tetanus and even hepatitis B. The all credit goes to health ca...
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Fortunately, this is not yet a problem in the Philippines. It seems that vaccination in our region is so routine that nobody questions it anymore. However, I have a few friends who are asking my opinion on vaccination and anti-vaccination campaigns. I think it is important to be patient when explaining. It may be difficult to explain how antibodies prevent infection especially if you're talking to a layman. I'd usually start of by explaining how vaccines work and what is the purpose why ...
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