World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day

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World Pharmacists Day was the brainchild of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), with the council of this organization voting to establish the...
25 Sep 2016 - General
Happy World Pharmacists Day to every pharmacist in the MIMS community. I have said this time and again that pharmacists play a great role in ensuring patient compliance, preventing over/under dosage, and giving instructions on how to take the medication properly. They also aid the patient in finding the right medication without breaking the bank. This has been especially true when patients have qualms about buying generic medications. Pharmacists have been there to provide reassurance that gener...
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“World Pharmacist Day” is celebrated on 25 September each year and it is specified by International Pharmacy Federation. The purpose of Pharmacist Day Celebrations is to promote and advocate the role of pharmacists in improving the health in every corner of the world. “Pharmacist: Caring for you” is the theme selected for this day in 2016. This theme shows that pharmacists are providing care to public in order to main them healthy and fit. Basically, a role of the pharmacist is a provider of med...
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