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26 Sep 2016 - General
Same here. I never promise anything with patients. When they ask me, "Will it hurt?" I say pain is subjective because it's true. When they ask me, "Will the root canal mean, my tooth will be okay forever?" I say it can be reinfected again or it can be okay. I tell them it can also crack because it is already weakened. So I tell them what you achieved with a root canal is to save a tooth that was supposed to be removed through extraction. Even surgeries are very uncertain....
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In a way this is what patients expect from a doctor too. I don't know how the situation is in other countries, but here people go to doctors expecting pills. Even for a simple cold, flu, pharyngitis.. they go for doctors and they are not happy if they are sent back saying that their disease is self limiting. Even for diseases that are is nothing we as doctors can do, they are only happy if we write a prescription at the end of the consultation. Medical advice is of less value for them. It is...
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