How to Survive the Wild: Tips for Pharmacists and Doctors Posted in Rural Malaysia

How to Survive the Wild: Tips for Pharmacists and Doctors Posted in Rural Malaysia

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A rural posting to a clinic or regional hospital is part and parcel of any young doctor’s or pharmacists’ career. This mandatory experience is especially true for those who have studied and graduated from local Malaysian universities. A rural posting can be a daunting and scary experience, since it requires you to live and work in strange surroundings among people you may not be familiar with.
26 Sep 2016 - General
This sounds really fun! I have a question, do these doctors go tho their rural postings after they get their license? Or is it a requirement for them to graduate? We have post graduate Internships in the Philippines and some may get rotated to rural communities for community health rotations, but for those who are newly licensed physicians, sometimes they apply as "Doctors to the Barrio" where they immerse themselves in the community and are assigned in rural health centers for two yea...
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I believe that working at rural clinics is one of the richest experiences a doctor can have in his/her career. Despite the initial struggle to survive, being away from civilization and far away from main big hospitals, enables the doctor to become a mature and responsible doctor. In these remote rural clinics, there are many diagnostic tools unavailable. A good doctor there has to learn how to develop his/her clinical skills and senses to cover this shortage. Healthcare personnel there have to b...
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I would say the rural posting will be a very interesting experience for the doctor and pharmacy. Working in rural settling will definitely give some new perspectives. I would agree that the experience can be daunting initially, as you will be mostly working on your alone, with very limited support (like consult for other specialty or asking for second opinion from senior). The feeling of making the most important medical decision yourself in the life threatening situation can be intimidating. Bu...
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Posting in different regions is a part of health care professional’s career. The Doctors and Pharmacists who have graduated from local Malaysian Universities have chances of their posting to rural areas. The posting of young Doctors and Pharmacists to rural areas is really a challenge for them as they have to work in strange surroundings with unfamiliar people around them. It is mandatory to have their first or second posting to regional Hospitals of rural areas for their professional experience...
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