Motorcycle conundrum

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26 Sep 2016 - General

Based on my experience, most of the trauma cases that I encounter in the emergency room involved vehicular accidents. Unfortunately, majority of these cases involve motorcycle accidents. I find it particularly devastating to pronounce "dead on arrival" or brain death on a young patient who got into a motorcycle accident. Plenty of times I feel sorry for parents who lost their sons because he was carelessly drunk driving or because he's just plainly going out for fun. In my country, there are no strict regulations on motorcycle riding and a lot of people use this as a mode of transportation because it is cheaper and it can cut through traffic.

Are vehicular accidents common in your region? Is the use of motorcycles also popular in your region and are there policies to regulate its use among teens? 

Thank you for sharing your insights! Jennifer Winter That's true. When I was a student, my handbag was snatched by a riding-in-tandem cyclers, both of them wearing helmets! In Manila, the rules are not very strict about helmets and people can use motorcycles wearing slippers! I'm just not sure if the new rule on curfew made any improvements in decreasing the incidence of motorcycle accidents among the te...
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That is true Dc. Marinelle Castro. Teenagers nowadays are so careless in driving their own motorcycles. They are into fun and sometimes forgot their responsibility of their actions. Most of the time accidents with motorcycle results to fracture of something. If can be hands, legs, etc. Plus the scratches, lacerations, or abrasions. It is really unfortunate to encounter such incident that the patient lose their li...
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In Malaysia, usage of motorcycles has been always a leading cause of trauma cases associated with high mortality and disability rates. Motorcycles accidents constitute almost the major number of bone fractures in the country. A Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for "an individual who participates in public disturbance with a motorcycle as their main transport", usually involving underbone motorcycles. They go against each other for cheap thrills and to rebel against authorities; some of t...
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I have often seen the scenario of a young drunk male riding a motorcycle who gets into an accident. Though despite being a very careful driver you may still get into an accident because of reckless one who crashes into you. The motorcyclists rules are strangely very different in different areas. Where I live motorcyclists need to wear proper helmets (meaning bicycle helmets are not included) and are even not allowed to wear slippers/flip flops or else they will be fined. There is another place f...
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