Is a career in aesthetic nursing right for you?

Is a career in aesthetic nursing right for you?

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Aesthetic nurses are generally responsible in assisting clinical procedures involving minimal invasive cosmetic treatments. Find out whether this field is suitable for you.
26 Sep 2016 - General
That is true Dc. You Yi Hong. This can be a great opportunity to nurses who are yet looking for a stable job. Especially nowadays, that each person are very particular with their beauty, body, skin, etc. -- in short with how they look. It is true that this field can be less stress workplace than being in a hospital. All you have to gain is experience in order for you to called as one. I actually have plan in appl...
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It seems like the Aesthetic medicine field is expanding rapidly. Aesthetic nursing is a relatively new field that seems to be very attracting. It should be offering a relatively attractive working hours package, as there will not be any night duty or any unsocial working hours. I would say the day to day jobs for aesthetic nurse should be less stressful, comparing to the nursing jobs for medical or surgical wards in a hospital. It seems like the salary package is quite good as well, can be up ...
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