Singaporean GP suspended for inappropriately prescribing sleeping pills

Singaporean GP suspended for inappropriately prescribing sleeping pills

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A doctor has pled guilty to 47 charges of professional misconduct after he was found over-prescribing sleeping pills to his patients and has been suspended by the SMC.
26 Sep 2016 - General
Im just wondering what his motive would be. Is he gaining anything financially from not referring these patients to specialists? Also why benzodiazepenes? Is it because patients easily get addicted to it or eventually they develop tolerance prompting another consult with him for prescription refill? I'm not aware how the outpatient medical practice is at Singapore. I think this also depends if the patient has medical insurance or if patients pay largely on an out of pocket basis. I just hope...
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Primum non cere. The principle of non maleficence has been drilled into our minds early in med school and is one of the main principles of bioethics. I guess the doctor feels justified by the positive testimonials of his patients, but he must have not thought about the long term consequences of his treatment plan. Drug dependence s a serious issue and the long term consequence of being high risk in drug abuse of his patients now rests on his shoulders. I hope the patients get the appropriate he...
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I feel bad for those 78 patients!. They deserve at least a referral to a specialist before having a dangerous drug like benzodiazepines to get the correct control dosage in case they really need these pills. Many people wrongly assume they can’t get addicted to sleeping pills, and some people even claim getting this information from their doctor. Yet, some people find themselves unable to sleep without the help of a pill or they need to increase their dose to fall asleep. A lot of people don’t r...
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This is quite serious and it is good to see that the Singapore Medical Council is very on top of such issues. Sleeping pills are regulated drugs and prescribing them should not be taken lightly. It is obvious that Dr. Heng wasn't practicing the proper care in this. He did plea guilty which is an inescapable matter as the facts speak for themselves. We don't know the exact reason behind his doing so but hopefully with this awakening he will not repeat this. I hope his patients as well wil...
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I have heard that among the drug users community in Singapore, they have identified certain clinics or doctors who may be "looser" with their prescriptions when it comes to certain drugs such as codeine, sleeping pills or painkillers, In fact, I remember a case a few years ago where a clinic was popular for prescribing Oxycodone for to heroin addicts looking for a quick fix.

I'm not saying that this doctor is guilty of something like this, just saying that there are docto...
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