Doctor-Patient relationship in the era of social media

Doctor-Patient relationship in the era of social media

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Welcome to the Digital Age, particularly the era of social media, where we celebrate birthdays online, get updates from friends through online photos, and have intense discussions online too. With social media being so ubiquitous, it is inevitable for it to have brought vast changes to how doctors interact with their patients as well.
27 Sep 2016 - General
I remember posting something about adding patients on facebook a few months ago, and a majority of respondents say they wouldn't. I agree that all healthcare providers should be cautious in adding patients on facebook. Sometimes its inevitable for patients to worry and making it convenient for them to send you a message every time they have concerns will not be good for your private life. In as much as we would like to help our patients, we also need to sleep and live our personal lives in o...
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Francis Amba: Yes we definitely need to practice proper etiquette online. Social media is a big thing and it is part of everyday life now. We need to accept the good it brings as well as its many flaws. I have found that many do not know how to behave online as they do not realize on how much of what they do is seen by other people. Here we think we are posting something fun in our life to share with our friends b...
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I recently saw a facebook post about a doctor mismanaging a patient. All his prescriptions were uploaded. It's really alarming how easy your reputation can be destroyed nowadays. That's why we always have to be careful with our actions and with the people we choose to interact with on social media. I have never accepted an invitation in any social media site from any of my patients. Also, I think doctors and all healthcare professionals should also be educated on social media etiquette....
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