Patient advocacy: A nurse’s responsibility?

Patient advocacy: A nurse’s responsibility?

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An advocate is known as someone who acts or intervenes on behalf of another. Integrating advocacy in a nurse’s responsibilities is challenging.
27 Sep 2016 - General
A patient advocate is an advocate for clients’ rights. In that role, the nurse protects the client’s human and legal rights and provides assistance in asserting those rights if the need arises. Advocacy may include, for example, providing additional information for a patient who is trying to decide whether or not to accept a treatment. Or, the nurse may defend a patient’s rights in a general way by speaking out against policies or action that might endanger their well-being or conflict with thei...
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This article really highlights the indispensable role of nurses in health care. They are the ones providing bedside care to patients and are the ones with most time of exposure to them. I guess being a patient advocate comes easily as they fulfill their roles, but it must be emphasized. I have experienced this first hand when I was a student nurse, and I can really tell that if you make them feel that they are a priority, they will trust you and they will know that you are there for them. That ...
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I think this article makes an excellent point: nurses are the most common point of contact with patients, and this makes them the best partners to advocate to patients.

Patients tend to have different perceptions of healthcare professionals that they encounter: pharmacists may be seen as dispensaries, doctors as the strict healthcare provider while nurses are often seen as friendly and caring partners on their side. This can mean that patients may be more willing to ask them questions ...
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