How to make more money as a junior doctor in Singapore

How to make more money as a junior doctor in Singapore

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The pay junior doctors get can make it difficult to pay back student loans, accumulate savings or travel much. Here are some suggestions to make more money, from one who has walked the talk.
27 Sep 2016 - General
There are actually technologies that allows consultations through an online call or phone call, and if needed you can then arrange a face-to-face consultation after. Or BookDoc, for instance, is an online doctor booking site that allows patients to know the free slots in a click and allow you to maximize your schedule to meet (or through a call) as many patients as you like and earn some extra income. Of course, this is still not widely adopted in Asia as patients & doctors still prefer the ...
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I would agree that doing locum will be the best way to get extra income for junior doctor. There will be always locum job available for lot of junior doctors. But, please always ensure that don’t be working excessively without having a proper work life balance. Working excessively is not good for both our physical and mental health, and may eventually lead to burnt out. In addition, junior doctors should also invest some of their time in doing some relevant clinical research and attending approp...
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