SEATCA lauds PHL for anti-smoking graphic warning law implementation

SEATCA lauds PHL for anti-smoking graphic warning law implementation

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The Philippines was cited as a "shining example" in the implementation of the Graphics Warning Law by the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA). The use of graphic warnings on cigarette packaging was designed to discourage would-be smokers from lighting a stick through the clear display of smoking's ill effects.
27 Sep 2016 - General
It's good to read good news about our country Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Although I'm wondering, do you think that putting on graphic warnings have any impact on behavior of smokers? When I was a smoker, on occasion I'd see that graphic poster that basically shows all the microvascular complications of chronic vasoconstriction. However, since I was still addicted to the habit and I didn't have any plans...
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Its good to know that Philippines earned a praise from Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Allaince (SEATCA) for implementing strictly the Graphic Warning Law. This is one way helping to educate the people that smoking is no better in our health. Specifically in the Philippines, about 240 Filipinos die every day due to a tobacco-smoking related illness. Just imagine a life that is lost everyday. This information dessimination will surely help everyone especially those adults who have lack knowledge a...
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